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  1. Wired
  2. Ignite Your World
  8. Anything Is Possible
  1. Superstar
  2. Breath To Breathe
  8. Knock
  1. Hear The Praise
  2. Down From The Mountains
  8. Take
11. LiftOff
  2. Ignite Your World
  3. The Good Life
  4. I Know
  8. Prince Of Peace
  1. So High The Heavens
  6. Live The Adventure
10. Holy

Hear The Praise

Part 1:
Jesus, the Holy One
The Risen Son, you are my Lord

Father, my gracious King
My everything, you are my God

Let the heavens declare your mighty works
Hear the praise of your people here on earth

Part 2:
I love you, Lord, give praises to
Your name, Most High, your glory fills the sky
Oh Jesus Christ, Son of God
The Lord saves

And your praise I sing, oh Lord
I declare your mighty works
My Jesus hear the praise
Of your people here on earth

words and music by Russ Smith
©2000 Qwanoes Publishing

Down From The Mountains

We will sing to the Lord a new song
We will sing to the Lord all day long
How worthy is God to be praised
In the morning, in the evening, every day

Down from the mountains out to the sea
Great is his love for you and me

We will sing to the King with one voice
We will shout to the Lord and make noise
So all nations and people will see
Jesus Christ is the Lord eternally


From the heavens above to the earth
How great are you, Lord, and your works
You are faithful - we are not left behind
We are your children now until the end of time


words and music by Russ Smith
©2000 Qwanoes Publishing


Take my hand and let me walk with you
Take my sight and let me see in you

I love you, Lord
You are gracious, Lord
Please take my life, let me glorify you

Take my steps and let me follow you

I love you, Lord
You are gracious, Lord
Please take my life, let me glorify you

You come, I kneel
I break, you heal

Take my life, I give it all to you

words and music by Jayson Oldham and Jeremy Johnson
©2000 Qwanoes Publishing


Lift off, elevation
Our destination is above the sky
Blast off, into orbit
We can soar it is an amazing ride

This is the world in which we live but it's not our home
There is life beyond this earth - we are not alone

God, you are the life and truth
And my power is in you...


My mind is fixed on things above, I've been set apart
The love of God a satellite circling round my heart

You raise me up and make me yours
And by your mighty hand I soar...


Lift off, into heaven
Warp factor seven is the starting speed
Aim high, straight and narrow
Like an arrow, yeah we have achieved
Lift off


words and music by Russ Smith
©2000 Qwanoes Publishing

Ignite Your World

While our lives are filled with many lows and highs
Still we find there are so many hopes that are not realized, they fall behind
I want to make the move, I want to take the chance
Put my faith in God through every circumstance
And then I'll find the life that's custom made for me
Can't you see, you've got to...

Step out, ignite your world and then
Grab the good life and begin again
Know the Father and be set apart
Step out - it's amazing right from the start

As we look into our lives and see regrets and errors made
We start to think this is as good as it will get and our hopes fade
But I don't want to dwell on those old mistakes
I put my past behind when I stopped to pray
And now there's nothing here that's standing in my way
That's why I say we've got to...


Where it's at
Here we go - no turning back
With the Son that he sent
Our lives never end


words and music by Russ Smith
©1997 Qwanoes Publishing

The Good Life

This is the good, good life
God loves me - this I know
This is the good, good life
God loves me, and I let it show

We're here together, friends are all around
Jesus Christ loves us all, so we make a great big sound
The ocean and the mountains, the trees and the stars
They show us God's a great big God yet he still knows who we are


Look around and see your family
Cause Jesus made us all one bunch when he came to set us free
Life is exciting so we dance and celebrate
Yeah, sing your praises to the Lord - Oh Lord, you are so great


words and music by Russ Smith
©1998 Qwanoes Publishing

I Know

Stranded in the sea, barely even floating
The waves are over me and I'm worried that I'll drown
Jesus, throw a line, calm the wind and water
Pull me from the tide and set me on the ground

When life is like the ocean
I can stand upon the rock of God
And shout with all my might

Whoa, I know Jesus loves me
Whoa, he loves me so

Walking through the woods, can't see through the forest
The day is growing dim and I don't know where to go
Jesus, help me out, get me on the straight and narrow
Lead me into life as I put my faith in you

I know you are the giver
Of all good things and I will sing
About you to the world


I don't have to worry now, I don't have to fret
You are working in my life and you're not done with me yet
So this will be my testimony, this will be my song
Cause I know...


words and music by Russ Smith
©1998 Qwanoes Publishing

Prince Of Peace

Jesus, God's only son
Saviour, the Holy One
Master and Lord of all
You are the Prince of Peace

My Jesus loves me
And he will stay beside me all of my days
If ever I'm lonely he always shows me
He is the Prince of Peace

words and music by Russ Smith
©1998 Qwanoes Publishing

So High The Heavens

So high the heavens above the earth
So high the heavens above the earth
So great the love God has for us
So great the love God has for us

So far the east is from the west
So far the east is from the west
Did he remove our sin from us
Did he remove our sin from us

words and music by Jayson Oldham
©1996 Qwanoes Publishing

Live The Adventure

We stand at the cross roads and our lives are in a slump
And we're looking at the canyon, wondering if we'll make the jump
But there's no need to worry because he has shown the way
For living the adventure and spicing up our day

So step outside, take the chance
You won't believe your eyes
I used to walk but now I run
I run to win the prize

Live the adventure, that's how it's got to be
So take the hand of Jesus and look at all you'll see
We'll have life to the fullest and love abundantly
As we live the adventure - that's how it is for you and me

Life can be shady when you're living in the night
So step out from the darkness and start walking in the light
Come join the safari in that jungle outside
For life is the adventure and Jesus is our guide

There's the water - have a drink
You'll never be the same
And when tomorrow comes around
You'll have it all again


words and music by Russ Smith
©1995 Qwanoes Publishing


Holy, you are holy
Holy is the Lord God Almighty
Holy, you are holy
Holy is the Lord God Almighty

Our Great Redeemer, Father, Spirit, Only Son
You are the one who was and is, and is to come


Rock of Salvation, let the people come and see
The whole earth is full of your glory


words and music by Jayson Oldham
©1996 Qwanoes Publishing


This is love and I'm ready to go
We've been created and wired to know him
Cue up the band, lift up your hands
Make some noise, take it higher, get wired

I'm feeling wired and not so tired
Boredom you're fired, yeah come on let's go
Like dyna has mite, we rock the campsite
Sparked up, we ignite, we're ready to blow
Yeah, yeah, yeah


I am fantastic, I'm fantastic, see my schematic
Such a fanatic because I am saved
So go and plug it, don't sip, just chug it
No handshake - hug it - his glory and grace
Yeah, yeah, yeah


words and music by Rick Colhoun & Russ Smith
©2003 Qwanoes Publishing

Anything Is Possible

Oh, anything is possible
Oh, when God's with me

I want to trust Jesus, live my life on the edge
With love and joy and peace
And it's possible with God

I want to move forward and realize my dreams
With patience, showing kindness
And it can be done because...


I want to have vision for where God's leading me
With goodness and full of faith
I will follow him every day

I want to have courage for every trial I face
With gentleness and self-control he will lead me through it all
Through his strength I know


There are no limits to this life
I can do all things through Christ
He is the Lord of all mankind

Nothing is beyond his power and might


words and music by Jayson Oldham & Russ Smith
©1997 Qwanoes Publishing


Come be a superstar
C'mon stand up and shine out loud
God knows just who you are
And that makes you a superstar

I'm here to tell you now about a love that's been waiting for you
So utterly amazing that you hardly can believe that it's true
You've got a star on the walk of fame
The kind of limelight that doesn't fade
God's alive and he knows your name
Yeah that's right, yeah that's right

Come and join the party cause your song is at the top of the chart
They're making life a movie and you're guaranteed to have a great part
It's for sure ­ youıre the next big thing
God loves you more than anything
He's calling you to get up and sing
So let's go, yeah let's go


Come on and take a stand, make some noise, let me hear you shout
Love is calling you and no bouncer's gonna keep you out
He's wiped away all your checkered past
Given you fame that will always last
A starring role and you've been cast
Yeah it's true, it's for you


words and music by Russ Smith
©2002 Qwanoes Publishing

Breath To Breathe

I'll never let the rocks cry out louder than the voice you've given me
As long as I have breath to breathe, my lips will sing your praise
Until the day in glory when I find the finest melody with words to rhyme
As long as I have breath to breathe, I will sing your praise

There's a song that youıve placed here in my heart
And it's one that I canıt help but sing
For even if I tried, I know I would find
All of your creation would gladly take my place

I know at times it seems I want to hold back everything
Just the mention of your name makes me sing


Songs of praise and honor and blessing to the King
I give these gifts and hold them out to you
And though it's just a part of the thankfulness thatıs found in my heart
This offering of my life's song I humbly lift to you


words and music by Andy Frew
©2002 Qwanoes Publishing


Here I am! I stand at the door and knock
If anyone hears my voice and opens the door
I will come in and eat with them, and them with me

You've got to ask, seek and always knock
For all who will ask receive, who seeks will find
And to the one who knocks, the door is opened wide

words and music by Russ Smith
©2002 Qwanoes Publishing

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© 2004 Camp Qwanoes, Inc.